Time is the best ingredient to show the urgency of a problem

Episode #1 of the Tiny Graphics Advent Calendar, published by Marius Popescu for De Amicis.

In 2013 infographics were all the rage. My favourite ones were the ones published by the New York Times, Financial Times, and Le Monde. As these publications focus on news and historical events, time is always at the heart of their visualizations.

That’s rarely the case for business (info)graphics. And that’s a pity!

Your timeline tells your story, and that’s interesting for your customers

Connect your product’s history with events and important milestones in your specific domain

The next step was to gather actual historical data for medical publications, statistical references, national charts catalogues, product versions etc.

Quite soon the time appeared as a good perspective, as medical publications covered more than 70 years, while our solutions “only” existed for about 20 years.

Time is the single most important thread linking the historical data to your product’s value evolution

Likewise, the solutions space is changing all the time too. New solutions appear-some evolve, some stop following. Show your readers where your solution is placed in your domain by using the time scale.

Your turn now

How can you use the time to show the evolution of your product’s value?

This last year was particularly rich in visualizations, see FT, Worldometer, and Le Monde. Interactivity took more importance than the visual side in helping the reader see how the indicators changed weekly and monthly.

Originally published at https://de-amicis.com on November 27, 2020.

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