The goal of a tiny graphic is to convince people to act

Marius Popescu
2 min readDec 17, 2020

Episode #17 of the Tiny Graphics Advent Calendar, published by Marius Popescu for De Amicis.

Every time a company moves its offices to a new location people are affected, especially the new office is a bit far from the old one. Even in these times, when people work from home if it’s possible, the reflection in choosing a future office location is a complex one.

From the employees’ perspective, they will probably have to change their commute habits. Some will change the transportation mode, others will have to shift their working hours. You can do some research before selecting the office location, and calculate the impact it will have on the team’s commute. After the selection, you can do an audit and plan for remote work or other means to help the most affected people.

Begin by making the problem visible, then find ways to improve the situation. Here a mini chart to compare commute durations BEFORE/AFTER a move for a team of 10 people.

Start with the problem and show the arguments needed to convince people to act

Office usage has become much more fluid the last 5–10 years, with people using more and more part-time work or working from home. As a manager, team leader, or if you are responsible for the people side of your organization, you can have an overview picture of the office “use”.

You can calculate the needed office space by taking into account part-time work and partial remote work. Discuss this with your colleagues and take into account their working hours, as they are adjusted to their family lives. Show you value your team by taking into account each person and fine-tune what you can to provide them with an effective team space.

Your turn now

What stressful issue do you have which could be expressed visually, so that responsible people could act?

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The last 20 years I have lived through 3 office relocations and remote work. I used to commute by bike, sometimes by bus, nowadays mostly by car. Try to see the good side of this lost time, as commute can be (up to a point) a physical exercise, or a daily rendez-vous with learning and podcasts.

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